Find Your Life Purpose by Using These 10 Simple Steps

A purposeful life gives you a sense of fulfilment.

We want to accomplish something that matters, something that will outlive and transcend our existence. How can you become more than just a person living in your own skin? The search for meaning in life can seem overwhelming, but not impossible.

This post will guide you through ten simple steps to help you find your life’s purpose.

1.What Core Values Should Guide Your Reaction Towards Life?

Life is full of trials.

You are going to face many challenges. These challenges will seem tricky but not impossible to tackle when you have the correct core values to guide you. These are some common values that you can reflect.

Treat everyone with kindness and respect

The biggest reason why treating others with kindness is so important is because it increases self-respect. When you respect yourself, others will respect you too. In order to get the most out of life, it’s essential to love yourself unconditionally and to be a kind person who treats others well.

Being Tolerant

Tolerance makes your soul soft, helping you see all aspects of life from a broader perspective. Tolerance is the foundation of everything good in life because it includes appreciation, respect, love, and acceptance of yourself and others. Compassion, forgiveness, and peace of mind are all facets of tolerance.

Understand That Life is Fragile

If you can accept that everything in this world is fragile, you can be more careful with your decisions and actions. Be thankful for what you have. Make the most of your time on Earth.  

The Practice of Self-Fidelity

Know what you want from life. Rather than finding your life purpose by looking out for answers, self-fidelity invites you to look within yourself for guidance on living the best possible life.

Being Consistent

Consistency is being able to maintain the same behaviour regardless of the circumstances. For example, you can choose to not act against your principles in any situation. Here’s a list of common wrong choices of values for comparison. The fundamental difference between both is the latter can dictate your life negatively.

1. The pursuit of pleasure

2. The pursuit of power

3. The pursuit of approval

4. The pursuit of achievement

5. The pursuit of success

6. The pursuit of perfection

2. Choose What Your Inner Child Would Want

We all have an inner child.

This is our true self and what nurtures us. Trying to confront life with a practical aim and logical mind will not let us be truly happy. Your inner child wants to see your true potential and is filled with pure joy and happiness.

As a child we were bold. We take chances and it’s fun to explore. As an adult, fear takes over. Unleashing the child challenges your limiting beliefs. Simply because your inner child is fearless despite criticism.

If you are ever in doubt when facing a situation, ask yourself: “What would my inner child tell me to do?”.

You will find a strong sense of direction and be guided by your true self.

3. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination can be an obstacle when you’re searching for your life’s purpose.

There are always things to think about. Finding your purpose can also be discouraging if you do not see results quickly. It takes time, patience, and consistency. So, how do you beat procrastination? Here’s a suggestion:

Break it down into smaller steps. A massive goal can seem daunting and impossible to accomplish. When something seems like an enormous task, it’s easier to put it off because it’s overwhelming. Instead of tackling the big picture, break the steps down into smaller chunks.

Ask yourself what finding your life purpose means to you. Then create actionable steps that will get you closer to realizing that goal.

4. Identify What Matters in Your Life

Do you have a clear sense of what matters most to you? If so, great.

In finding your life’s purpose, having a sense of clarity is crucial. We can craft an authentic, meaningful life if we first clear the clutter of our minds. Two forces shape our lives: our innermost values and the outside world’s demands.

We must realize both points and use them to serve our most profound personal values.

5. Listen to What Others Appreciate About You

The success of your life purpose depends on how well you can appreciate the value that others see in you.

Do you remember a time when people appreciated you? Maybe it was when you made a brilliant speech, or when you kept the band organized, or when you brought everybody together to make a great school event happen. This exercise will help you find that insight.

Then, you can share it with the world to benefit others.

6. Tell Your Story

Your work is to discover your world, not to change it. — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Sharing your story can play a major role in helping others who have suffered similar trials, tribulations and triumphs. Your story may be the very thing that another person needs to read to get through the day — or perhaps even save a life. Describing your life story will help you analyze who you are, what you genuinely love doing and understand the events that made you who you are today.

This self-knowledge will help you define what is important to you in life and ultimately help you determine your purpose in life.

7. Where’s Your Passion?

If you feel you’re stuck in a rut and can’t move forward, it’s because you’re in the wrong lane. -Jeff Olson.

Focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. In his best-selling book, The Slight Edge, Jeff Olson talks about a thought process that enables you to make daily choices that will lead you to success and happiness. Make great choices every moment says, Jeff.

Explore your passion and then use it as fuel to pursue your dreams.

8. Don’t Be Afraid of Judgement

We feel an innate calling to serve others and be of service to humanity.

Yet, we feel limited because we don’t know how to contribute our gifts. It’s all about perspective. The only thing holding you back from doing what you’ve always wanted is your fear of judgement. Fear of judgement is just a form of ego, which will only hinder the full expression of your authentic self.

The truth is: You may never get the chance again to make yourself fully happy and satisfied with your life. So why not take it? What do you have to lose?

9. Conduct a Joy Review

Life is too short. Live with joy!

Are you a cheerful person? If not, make some changes. Observe what makes you happier and write it down. Start with the biggies: love, family, friends, nature, art, music, creativity, and so on.

Be more specific:

Discovering a new craft or hobby

Watching a beautiful sunset

Reading a brilliant book

Baking something delicious


Walking through a forest

Dancing in the rain

It’s your list, so personalize it.

In short, the joy review requires three simple steps:

Step 1: Make a list of your happy activities

Step 2: Circle those that bring you the most joy

Step 3: Choose to spend time on it

10. Set Time for Yourself

You will find your life purpose by setting quiet time to contemplate and reflect.

Set aside a good chunk of “me” time every day. Give yourself at least half an hour a day to sit quietly and be with yourself. Don’t read, watch TV or listen to music (unless it helps you relax). Just sit quietly and let your thoughts wander where they will.

This is the most important thing you can do. It’s how you’ll get in touch with your intuition, how you’ll learn how to hear the voice of your Higher Self. This is also the best way to realize your life’s purpose.

Final Thoughts: It’s a Journey, Not a Destination

While being self-critical is normal, treating your life’s purpose as a journey is profound.

No one needs a comprehensive life purpose. Instead, a simple goal can help you focus on the moment and achieve greater happiness with less effort. Dedicate yourself to the process and uncover your life’s purpose.

Then, when you look back on your journey in life, you will realize that all the small steps taken in life have brought you to your present moment.

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