10 Empath Characteristics That Confirms You Are One 

Who is an Empath?

Empaths have strong intuition, passion, and creativity, which gives them the ability to sense other people’s emotions and feelings. However, not everything is positive about being an Empath. The trait can be beneficial or detrimental.

An Empath assumes that they’re carrying burdens of the world. Empaths can sense negativity and trouble in the environment. They are sponges soaking up the surrounding energy, often without even realizing it.

Check out these 10 Empath characteristics to find out if you are one.

1. Empaths Are Sensitive

Empaths are sensitive to the world around them. They feel things on a deeper level than most other people do and may have a hard time filtering out the feelings of others. They decide based on their emotions, which can limit or enrich them. Empaths can connect with others. This can be exceptional, but it makes an Empath susceptible to feeling overwhelmed by negative energy and moods around them.

2. Empaths Absorb Other People’s Emotions

Because an Empath is sensitive, they pick up and absorb the feelings of people around them. It’s easy for others to unload their baggage because they won’t be judged when they’re around an Empath. An Empath will often pick up the subtlest of moods from those around them. Those who are empathetic may not only notice but will radiate the same mood in response to the feelings of the surrounding people.

3. Empaths Are Intuitive

Empaths can read people well. Their high sensitivity allows them to understand what others may feel in any situation. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, and are less apt to intellectualize feelings. Intuition is the filter through which they experience the world. This is why they’re such a great friend to have during times of need.

4. Empaths Give Too Much

Empaths are inclined to professions that involve helping people. They excel as psychologists, social workers, teachers, therapists, and career coaches. The problem is, an Empath gives too much. They absorb people’s problems and think excessively as if they were their own. An Empath, unfortunately, will give their time, energy, and a part of their soul when they stay in relationships that are one-sided and not serving them, even though they are fully aware of it.

5. Tendency to Put Others Before Themselves

Empaths put others before themselves, often forgetting their own needs as individuals. They frequently sacrifice for others, at the expense of their own health and wellbeing. An Empath loves animals and nature, they care deeply about the world around them. For this reason, Empaths have a special interest in social justice and environmental issues. They are inclined towards charity work by volunteering time and donating money in order to help a bigger cause.

6. Empaths Give Expert Advice

Empaths often act as counsellors or therapists for other people in their lives. An Empath can see the root cause of a problem. Empathic people offer unique insights about a situation, as they have a different perspectives. When you ask an Empath for advice, you are probably going to get the most heartfelt, intuitive, and honest perspective on your situation.

7. Empaths May be Targets for Energy Vampires

Empaths are likely to attract energy vampires because they have an open heart and are more vulnerable than others. A manipulative person will enjoy feeding on the Empaths’ emotions more than others. They drain the Empath’s positive emotions and leave them feeling depleted.

8. Boundaries Can be a Struggle for an Empath

Boundaries with people are hard to establish. Saying no may be impossible. However, an Empath may also have difficulty with boundaries, enabling others to take advantage of their kindness. An Empath needs to set healthy boundaries so they don’t become exhausted from taking on the pain and suffering of others.

9. Empaths Get Overwhelmed in Public Places

Because Empaths are sensitive, they prefer to avoid loud and busy places with lots of people, like shopping malls or concerts. They rather spend time alone. At most, be with a selected group of friends or family members. According to Dr Orloff, an Empath gets overwhelmed in settings of chaos and high volume. Empaths prefer the comforts of home. They enjoy reading a book or having a quiet meal with a few loved ones rather than out on the town at parties and concerts.

10. An Empath is an Effective Listener and Communicator

An Empath is an effective listener and communicator. They are perceptive of others’ moods, feelings, and motivations, which lends well to their ability to relate. Empaths are aware of their surrounding environment, and they use this awareness to serve others better.

For example, in one study of over 100 executives at Fortune 500 companies, we found that empathy was a key contributor to their success. These leaders could sense their employees’ feelings, needs, and concerns. They understood how their people were thinking about their priorities and could motivate them to drive results.

Am I An Empath?

Question yourself to identify your traits. Are you an Empath or are you a caring person? Sometimes we get so caught up in what others feel we forget about ourselves. It can feel like we’re drowning in people’s emotions. Feeling overwhelmed by others? It might be time to look at whether you’re an Empath.

If You’re an Empath, How to Navigate Life

First, learn to protect yourself from negative energy. Second, find a community of like-minded people in person. They will help you feel better and cut down on social media time. Third, remove toxic relationships from your life. Finally, learn to meditate or try a spiritual practise you’re comfortable with in helping you discover your true self.

Please take care of yourself and remember that you don’t have to do everything alone! You’re not crazy; You have a different perception of the world. It is okay if your immediate social circle does not understand your way of life. But as an Empath, you are unique, and you are lovely. Don’t give up, be kind to yourself!

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